Learn: Everyone can do art, it's just a matter of guidance and practice.

Meditate: If you'd rather just have a nice piece of artwork then browse the store.

Appreciate: Enjoy what I do and want to see more? Consider supporting my art journey!


$40 (indiv.)/ $15 (groups min 3)

I describe myself as a forever student because not only do I learn from doing, but I also learn through teaching and my students!


Starting at $150 (5x7 portrait)

Creating art is not only something I love, it is also something that slows the every day happenings and stresses down. If you'd like to hire me to create something for you, contact me!


Starting at $2

If you like what you see and would like to see me continue, consider supporting my social media pages, as well as, my Patreon (coming soon).


How is teaching formatted?

At this point in time I only teach via zoom. Once restrictions lift then group sessions will be held throughout the Hudson Valley.

What mediums do you teach?

Depends on what level you are at in your artistic journey. Drawing is the foundation to all art forms so if you are a beginner then we will concentrate on drawing. If you have fundamental art experience then we can concentrate on painting and pastels. I do not teach digital art, I am a firm believer in getting the foundations learnt through classical training.

As a beginner student, what materials will I need?

You will need graphite pencils in a variety of soft/hardness. Charcoal pencils (black and white) and willow charcoal. Drawing pencil chalk in a variety of colors (General's brand works best). Kneaded eraser, toned drawing paper, charcoal or pastel paper, measuring stick (either a ruler, wooden skewer or knitting needle...a sculpting caliber could also work), washi tape or masking tape, a drawing easel, a tripod easel (or can use a wall in your home but protect it by covering it with paper), sandpaper, and a utility knife or a good quality artist sharpener that results in a long point.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I take Paypal and Venmo.

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